My two processing.js sketchs were selected to be displayed on the Medialab Prado façade, in Madrid (Spain), together with other cool sketches.
Free as a bird, minute 7:22.
Hearts and more, minute 35:28

(via fyprocessing)

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by V5MT

Effect made with coding in Processing.
Glitches in the begining (missing frames) come from AE render. I left it like this since I love glitches any kind:)

Music: “Distant Silence” by AIM23 / CC BY 3.0

+ A set of stills from the ‘flo\/\/’ video:


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Cadminm Smithsonite
Cadmium enriched Smithsonite of acute rhombic crystals. It probably only takes a very small percentage of Cadmium to give the beautiful yellow colour. They are wonderfully gemmy and translucent light yellow. The crystal cluster sits on a thin bubbly covering of sparkling translucent greyish Smithsonite, on matrix of varied red-brown coloured Fe-oxides and futher deposits of Smithsonite. 


Geometric Shapes #5